Purchase/Buying up Office furniture

A surplus of Office Furniture ?

MOVED provides economically well-thought out solutions for your exit-management.

Your office environment is going to be refurnished, what are you going to do with the old and existing furniture ?

We buy up this furniture, dismantle it and take care of all the logistics involved in its removal from your office space. Our working agreements with several office furniture suppliers mean that we can coordinate our activities to minimise the burden for your company. We will protect the building against damage at vulnerable points and against any negative impact resulting from our activities. The protective measures will be removed once our activities have been completed.

A surplus of spare office furniture and expensive storage costs ?

We buy up your surplus and remove it from your storage space or removal contractor.

Your company ceases its activities either partially or completely and your office furniture needs to be removed from the office premises.

We buy up all used but still usable office furniture, dismantle it and take care of all the logistics involved in its removal from your office space. The extra services we can provide are described extensively within "Clearance of office buildings"

In the cases described above you, as the customer, only have to deal with one party who will perform all the necessary services. Your company will have no logistics expenses for the removal of the furniture, there will be no waste processing expenses for items which are no longer reusable and you can be assured that the work is being performed by a experienced, professional and efficient team. As a bonus, you will receive a nice return on your used office furniture.

Getting started

In order to work as efficiently as possible, we suggest that our customers do the following:

1. Create an inventory of the furniture available for sale. We suggest using a spreadsheet for this purpose. Per item this should include: a description (table, rolling-shutter cabinet, corner desk etc.), the brand-name and specification (model, colour, dimensions) and, if possible, the condition and overall age.

2. Take a number of representative pictures of the furniture (min VGA format = 640 x 480 pxl).

3. Send the inventory including the pictures to us via email at

4. We will then contact you personally to arrange an appointment so that we can have a closer look and to discuss the project further.

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