Clearance of office buildings

Clearance of your office building ?

MOVED does it for you !

The clearance of office buildings:

The approach is the same as for a simple office furniture take-over except that we can offer a range of additional services which the client otherwise would need to arrange with other suppliers or contractors.

1. Emptying all office furniture (cabinets and chests of drawers) and all built-in cabinets.

2. The "safe" removal of all documents. All documents are cut up on the spot and additionally separated and removed from the other garbage.

3. The removal of all remaining IT related materials. For complete PC systems, we can offer a wipe clean service.

4. The removal of all electricity, telephone and data wiring & cabling.

5. The removal of all unusable office furniture.

6. The removal of all remaining items, broom-free delivery of the building.

The coordination and execution of the work is performed by a single party. This results in a number of logistic and operational benefits leading to a more efficient and cheaper performance of the activities required. An additional benefit is a clear overview of the activities to be performed and the limited number of different contracting teams on your premises. Furthermore, all our staff wear a recognisable outfit and are bound to our non-smoking policy.

The building is protected at vulnerable points (hallways, corridors, reception areas, windows, elevators, doors, floors, …) against damage and any negative impacts resulting from our activities. The protective measures will be removed once our activities have been completed.

All retrieved materials are separated, split into waste categories and processed according to the regulations and laws applicable. Furniture unfit for use is processed or destroyed in an ecologically responsible way.

Getting started

In order to work as efficiently as possible, we suggest that our customers do the following:

1. Create an inventory of the furniture available for sale. We suggest using a spreadsheet for this purpose. Per item this should include: a description (table, rolling-shutter cabinet, corner desk etc.), the brand-name and specification (model, colour, dimensions) and, if possible, the condition and overall age.

2. Take a number of representative pictures of the furniture (min VGA format = 640 x 480 pxl).

3. Send the inventory including the pictures to us via email at

4. We will then contact you personally to arrange an appointment so that we can have a closer look and to discuss the project further.

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