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Space management is a frequently encountered term within facility management. Office space is expensive and therefore needs to be used optimally. The demands and requirements of today’s modern office environments are high and trends quickly follow on from each other with "location" as a key factor for the efficiency of a contemporary enterprise.

Company relocations and removals are the order of the day next to ever rapidly changing working environments. Hence the frequently asked question: What do we do with the "old" furniture?

A modern Facility manager needs to make various well-judged decisions regarding storing currently superfluous furniture for possible internal reuse in the future. A whole range of factors are involved in these decisions :

- The handling of office furniture and its relocation and removal are very labour-intensive and thus expensive.

- Storage of office furniture requires a considerable amount of space, costs mount up quickly and are often long-term.

- Has the furniture already been depreciated, does it still have a book value and how does this influence our tax position.

- Does the existing furniture fit with our new location.

These are a few of the numerous questions which management will have to consider and answer before making a well-judged decision. Moved offers a number of services which can have a large influence on this decision.

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